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Do you think we could be a good match? That's the spirit! To schedule an introduction call and get a detailed quote for your project, please fill in the form below, and I will get back to you within three business days. Thank you so much for your interest!

For other non-project-related enquiries, feel free to contact hello@alunea.nl, and I will be in touch as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience! 

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"Urgh. I just want some quick info... do I have to fill in the form?"

Maybe not! Below are my answers to a few questions that probably popped up in your head already. 

I am afraid not. I am a marketer and copywriter; not a web developer. That said, I do have some tech skills (I built this website myself, after all!) which will come in handy once I start working on your UX Design and visual content. These skills will allow me to have a good appreciation of what is technically feasible / realistic for your website. I won’t just give you your content and let you deal with it all by yourself. Instead, I will collaborate closely with your chosen IT team to make sure my content fully integrates with their work. And vice versa. 

Graphics design is my guilty pleasure, which is why I couldn’t resist offering a logo design service. But I still only have two arms, and graphics design is a full-time job in itself. I can help you out with small touches here and there (just like the cute illustrations on this website; do you like them?) but I can’t possibly design all your website’s and brand’s visuals. For that, I partner up with talented local graphics designers, people who know how to make images truly pop. Don’t hesitate to ask: I will gladly redirect you to them. 

I specialize in highly marketable website copy, in English or in French. For any business, in any industry, I write eye-catching, unique content that is guaranteed search-engine-ready and UX-optimized.

I can also do:
>> Sales email or brochure copy <<
>> Translations (English or Dutch to French – French or Dutch to English) <<
>> Blogs and press articles <<
>> Branding strategy and logo Design <<
>> Social media content creation and online advertising <<

Find out more about my services here.

Nee, helaas niet. Translating copy is a precise endeavour and isn’t just about translating word per word. I need to run a new keyword analysis in the language I am translating into. I also must keep the brand personality, message and voice intact, while still using a different syntax, and idioms that will feel natural in the new language. I call that ‘smart translation’. To do a truly smart translation I therefore need to have a native level in the language I am translating into.

My level of Dutch is good enough for me to translate FROM Dutch into the languages I speak natively (English and French). The other way around however, although I could potentially manage, I would not be able to guarantee a high-standard quality of copy as much as in English or in French. 

Once you contact me via the form above, I will first check whether or not I have the availability to accept your project. If not, I will let you know immediately. If yes, I will ask you to choose a time slot within the following week to schedule a rapid phone call. During the call, we will chit-chat a bit to see if a professional chemistry exists between us, and I will ask you some questions to get a more detailed overview of what you are looking for. After we hang up, I will work on a quote for your project, which will include the expected start date. Should you have rigid deadlines, the earlier you let me know, the better! When you agree on the quote and give me the green light to move forward, we will book our (free) strategy meeting. Then, the fun begins!

More details about my process can be found here.

[Side note: on the phone, I prefer to speak English. I am happy to make the call in Dutch if it is more comfortable for you, but I feel like you should know that I have a strong French accent, which makes me pretty shy and sometimes difficult to understand. You’ve been warned.

The exact timeline varies per project. On average, it takes between 4 to 6 weeks to complete a full website in one given language, including the kick off meeting, research, writing and adjustments. If you want a multilingual website or additional copy (i.e. sales emails), visual or social content (i.e. logo, blogs, social media campaigns…), please allow a minimum of 8 to 10 weeks. I know that waiting is an entrepreneur’s nightmare, so I will do my best to make your experience as stress-free as can be: once I start working on your project, it will have my undivided attention, and you will receive regular updates on how things are going. 

Of course! I am a very flexible and sociable team-player. As long as we all share the same goal (aka making your project a success), I am in. Would I get along nicely with your colleagues? Check out my about page to find out!

Although I am an accomplished copywriter, a professional who never stops learning and training, I still have to prove myself as an entrepreneur. Alunea is a newborn, unknown company, so my prices are relatively low compared to the Dutch market average. I will always work within the scope of your budget, but the prices I indicate in my quotes are final and non negotiable. You can get a sense of my pricing and see my ready-made packages here 

I prefer to meet the people I write for in person, to establish trust and familiarity, hence making sure my deliverables are fully customized and bring the biggest return on investment possible. That’s why I tend to prioritize Netherlands-based businesses when deciding who to work with. BUT. It could happen, for example, that I am just back from a holiday, in which case my work calendar might suddenly find itself wide open. That’s your chance: I may then be inclined to accept projects from abroad. It costs you nothing to ask!

I hope you enjoyed your visit.

I am looking forward to working with you. Have a nice day!