Hi, I am Lucile!

French by birth.
Scottish by heart.
Dutch by choice.

How it began

Writer, born and bred.

Writing, in all its wonderful forms, has been a constant and omnipresent part of my life, for as long as I can remember. My favourite means of expression, it simply makes my soul sing. As sentences keep forming and new stories keep flowing in this busy head of mine, I consider myself to be a lucky natural. Nevertheless, it still took years of hard work to perfect the skill I have with words. To me, good writing is as much science, as it is art. 

I am a writer of anything from fiction to poetry, which means that imagination and emotion are already abundant ingredients in my inkwell. With Alunea, I want to use my marketing education and professional background to give my writing a business kick, too. Polyvalent, meticulous and inspired, I will manipulate language to turn the most basic words into gold for your business.

Three peas in a pod

Much like a Matryoshka, or an onion, I come in several layers. Each aspect of me transpires in my work, and possesses specific skills that are all essential to great content writing.


Loves: challenges, cooperation, customer service.
Does NOT love: shortcuts, lack of vision, greed.
BA (Honours) in Enterprise creation, Marketing and Business management.
Masters degree in Digital Marketing and Communication, specialised for the Tourism, Culture and Hospitality industries.

Copywriting (English or French)
Conceptual skills (branding)
Digital Marketing (social media, SEO, UX Design...)
Marketing strategy (market research, data analysis...)
Graphics Design (Adobe Creative Suite)
Web Design (Html, CSS, WordPress)

Loves: learning, reading, knowing stuff.
Does NOT love: imprecision, cognitive dissonance, arrogance.
Philosophy: “not unlike the Ancient Egyptian common scribe, I am interested in, well, everything: history, language, geography, architecture, science, technology… You name it, I want to learn it. And write about it, for prosperity. But don’t worry: I won’t be carving your content in a stone tablet!”


Loves: most humans, dogs, trees.
Does NOT love: dinnertime politics, lies, people who dare call American sparkling wine “Champagne”.
Citizen of the world, she speaks: French (native), English (bilingual), Spanish and Dutch. Also has strong notions of Italian, Russian, and Scottish slang.

Public relations and interpersonal skills

Don't be a stranger

I know what you're thinking. You're totally jealous of my adorable Egyptian scribe costume. I don't blame you. It looks so good, I wear it at weddings and everything. If we became work pals, maybe I could lend it to you! You know what to do: click, click, click!